Dr. David Drake

Dr. David Drake


An integrative thinker offering a better way to learn and grow.

A renowned innovator in the space beyond coaching.

A seasoned guide for personal and collective thresholds.

David is a world-renowned expert in the coaching space. 9x WBECS Summit speaker. Thought Leader for Institute of Coaching at Harvard. Author of The Five Maturities: A New paradigm for Coach Development. Opening keynote for first International Coaching Psychology Congress. Founder of Narrative Coaching.

David is a scholar and a pioneer in the learning & development space. Executive Advisor for Ovida (AI-informed start-up that accelerates development of practitioners, professionals, and leaders); Head of Ovida Labs; advisor to organizations on optimizing their results. Creator of The Narrative 720°, a dialogical feedback process. Founder of Integrative Development.

David is Founder and CEO of The Moment Institute in Portland, Oregon and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They host a global learning community based in David’s work and publish his resources. Check out our YouTube Channel to find out more about David and his work.

David Drake
David Drake

David turns nouns into verbs

Nouns, like stories, enable us to be in conversation, but often keep us from making new connections or taking new actions. For that we need verbs. Verbs reflect the natural ebb and flow of Life, the arc of narrating our experience, the unfolding nature of change, and the energy to manifest what matters. David has spent his career helping people free themselves to live and work with a deeper humanity and ease.

David has mastered the art of deeply noticing clients' stories as they are lived and told as well as the openings to bring new stories to Life. We need that now more than ever. He helps leaders, teams and practitioners get to the crux of their issues, make real change in real time, and move forward in new ways in service of what matters most. As he walks alongside people, he:

  • Notices out loud what is present.
  • Speaks plainly about what seems essential.
  • Facilitates what is ready to emerge.
  • Invites them to step into what is next.

David creates moments of meeting

David works with organizations, groups, and individuals who are serious about releasing old stories about who they are, why the are, and how they are in the world to make room for what we need now. This work is vital as we seek deeper (re-)connections with ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. He knows that what adults often need most is a safe space to practice—new stories, new selves, new ways of being.

He offers people the scaffolding they need to learn and grow in the course of real work and real conversations. He allocates his client’s investments of time and money in line with what makes a difference—e.g., focused personalization and integration more than generic presentation and information. His clients love his gifts as a muse, thought partner, and guide in creating safe and generative spaces for learning and growth.

Are you interested in: 
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  • Using The Five Maturities?
  • Working with David as an individual or group?

David's upcoming events

  • Monthly: BCE - The Beyond Coaching Experience - a free monthly session that offers a nourishing immersion in our work 
  • Monthly: The Five Maturities Series - a free monthly session that explores The Five Maturities 
  • May 15th > July 24: IoC Webinar Series - Design Your Future In Coaching: Using the Five Maturities Framework. Register here
  • June 27th: Presentation on The ID Way for graduate students at Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria
  • September 12th: Conference in Zurich - Presenter on Ethics and AI in Coaching.
  • View The Moment Institute YouTube Channel if you want to find out more about who David is and what he offers 

If you would like David to speak at your event or co-design an immersive learning experience, please let us know using the form. Thank you.

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