World-Renowned Coach

Founder of Narrative Coaching

8x WBECS Pre-Summit and Summit speaker and thought leader for Institute of Coaching at Harvard.

L&D Pioneer

Founder of Integrative Development

Advisor to organizations on how to create real change in real time with less time and budget.

Community Convener

Founder of The Moment Institute

Safe spaces for practitioners to deepen themselves through programs, events, and publications.

David is an original thinker.

He moves between roles — drawing on his expertise, wisdom, and capabilities as they are needed in the moment.

David walks alongside clients as a compassionate witness and a fierce advocate who:
  • Notices out loud what IS.
  • Speaks plainly about what matters.
  • Facilitates what is ready to emerge.
  • Enables others to do the same.
David Drake

What David offers...

David works with those who are serious about releasing stories about who they are, why the are, and how they are in the world to make room for what is emerging. He knows what adults often need most is a safe space to practice — new stories, new selves, new ways of being — in service of themselves and others.

He offers people the scaffolding they need to learn and grow in the course of real work and real conversations. He allocates his client’s investments of time and money in line with what makes a difference (less programs, more applications). He supports each person to identify and achieve what they most need to learn and to change the way their work is done as a result.

David partnered closely with us for three years, contributing his extraordinary coaching skills and expertise to assist us in crafting and driving a significant cultural change journey for the Firm with coaching at its foundation. His wise counsel, combined with a genuine interest in people, deep experience with OD and commercial acumen, make him a trusted business advisor to us.

- Chief Learning Officer

Are you looking to:

  • Move beyond agendas, goals, and rigid outcomes;
  • Become radically present to what is;
  • Harness the power of social learning experiences; and
  • Collaborate with an industry thought-leader?
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