David has worked in the coaching space for over 25 years. He loves using narrative coaching with his clients. And yet, to call him a ‘coach’ is just the beginning, and ‘coaching’ is just one of the colors in his palette that he draws on as he works.

His passion is the maturation of leaders, teams and practitioners who can bring a deeper humanity to their work. As a witness, healer and guide, he creates 'moments of meeting' through which clients can activate the potential for growth that is present.

Working with David is like having your own private retreat.

Clients find working with him to be transformative, yet often in unexpected ways. He invites people into what is true, what is emerging, and what is to be done. He creates sacred time and spaces in which people can encounter, experience, experiment with, and express their whole-hearted wish. He walks with them on the road to whom they are becoming.

Whatever threshold you are standing at, he will meet you there.

David Drake

David works with individuals and teams

He only works with people who are seeking to create and contribute more fully to a better future for all. He blends inner and outer work, enlightenment and pragmatism—knowing that each informs the other and both are essential.

Using his deep intuition and sensing, David enables clients to get to the crux of their issue quickly so they can use more of their precious time bringing about the changes they seek. He works directly with what is present in the here and now.

He brings everything about who he is and what he knows to serve his clients, and he uses whatever is called for in the moment in service of their journeys.

David co-creates customized development experiences with his clients using The Five Maturities. What do you need most right now? LET US KNOW BELOW.


David leads retreats for practitioners and groups

I piloted a new format in 2023 that was part retreat, part lab, and part dialogue.

We shared about our journeys as practitioners in these times. We practiced Narrative Release, the philosophy underpinning my work. We used The Three Chairs to surface areas for growth and experimented with new ways of developing ourselves, including direct developmental inquiry (a core tool of The ID Way) using the moment as our curriculum.

As a result, everyone deepened their skills in ways that were important to them while at the same time making progress on their issues.

We want to offer these unique experiences based in The Five Maturities around the world. We are especially interested in practitioners and groups who are organized around a higher purpose. If you would like to help organize one in your region, please contact us using the form.

David Drake

"I work in third spaces (beyond polarities) to support people's yearning for a deeper sense of belonging and becoming. My background in GATES work (Grief, Attachment, Trauma, Embodiment, and Shadow) enables me to offer safe, generative spaces and processes in which people can find the healing, wholeness, and freedom they are seeking."

- Dr. David Drake

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