David has worked in the coaching space for 25 years, and he loves using narrative coaching with his clients. And yet, to call him a ‘coach’ is just the beginning.

He considers himself an enlightened pragmatist. He works as a whole human with other whole humans in the present moment. He creates moments of meeting through which clients find what they are looking for. This might include drawing on his deep experience working with grief and transitions, his background in spiritual direction, or his Mensa mind to help you innovate.

Working with him is like having your own private retreat.

Clients often find working with him to be transformative, yet often in unexpected ways. He invites clients into what is true, what is emerging, and what is to be done. He creates sacred spaces in which you can explore and experiment what you are searching for.

What threshold are you standing at? He will meet you there.

David works with individuals who are seeking spiritual guidance, deep inner work, and support for major thresholds in their life or work. He works in blocks of time that his clients choose how to best use to serve them and their journey.

David Drake

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I hold space with you so that you can learn the most from it.

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