David works with leaders, organizations and institutions who are seeking more effective and adaptive ways to develop people. This now includes helping clients to leverage the Ovida platform and his innovative work on feedback to get better outcomes.

He is focused on game changers who are leaning into the challenges we face, particularly at the interface of our humanity, our technology, and our planet.

His clients love the depth of his knowledge and gifts as a muse, thought partner, and guide who creates safe and generative spaces for learning and growth.

He integrates OD, training and coaching in a single approach he calls The ID Way. He invites clients to work on real issues in real time. He helps clients to see what is present as their curriculum rather than striving to plan everything in advance.

He is at his best when he is free to just be David rather than limited to a single role as he works. So much more is possible that way...

David Drake
David Drake

Advisory services for organizations and institutions using Ovida

He works with organizations that are using Ovida to fully leverage the value of the feedback that is generated. Using his research and resources, key stakeholders will increase their capability to give feedback, receive feedback, and act on feedback. The result is more individualized learning, new habit formation, and better outcomes.

He also helps clients use his Narrative 720° process to identify and address organizational and relational factors impeding the implementation of feedback.

How I can help you get the most out of your investments in Ovida:

  • Designing customized user journeys and feedback processes
  • Developing resources and people who can help users turn insights into action



Designed and delivered an innovative program for emerging leaders using advanced narrative methods

Australian Public Service Commission
Co-developed new learning architecture, design, and evaluation methods for federal leadership programs

CEO Forum
Taught narrative leadership to 70 CFOs and integrative development to 100 HRDs of global companies

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Worked with CEO and 400 business and change leaders to tell new vision story and engage employees

Provided executive coaching in support of change initiative as the company grew out of start-up mode

European Patent Office
Using Integrative Development to enable teams to engage in and contribute to culture change

Provided executive coaching and advised leadership development team on using The ID Way

Provided executive coaching and leadership development to improve the integration of core functions

Enabled global IT team and change champions to successfully resolve three issues hindering global launch

Developed and delivered innovative three-year transformation project; trained 200+ coaching champions; integrated coaching into development programs and client services; created wiki as collective resource

US Dept. of Health & Human Services
Led coaching and leadership initiatives to transform how people delivered services

Westpac Bank
Designed and delivered a program for Finance Team leaders transforming their actual presentations

Victorian Public Service Commission
Developed and led coaching-based leadership program for Barring Djinang Aboriginal Employment Unit; trained Victorian Leadership Academy coaches; led innovative ID-based program for top senior leaders

What I look for in collaborations

I am seeking opportunities with senior practitioners and providers as well as initiatives and institutions who are around mission and would benefit from my expertise. I am focused on game changers who are bringing generative change to the people and systems they care about - and showing others a better way in the process.

What I care about these days are:

  • Using The Five Maturities to support the evolution of coaching and coaches to become
    a more integrative and generative force for the evolution of humanity
  • Liberating the human capacity to learn and grow from the forms in which it is trapped

Are you looking for:

  • A co-author on an article or book?
  • An expert for your research or development project?
  • A co-designer or co-facilitator for a cool initiative or event?
  •  A co-creator to bring a new product or program to life?i

Let us know where we can help you get more value from your investments in change, coaching, and learning & development.

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