What I look for in working with clients

David works with senior practitioners and providers as well as organizations and institutions who would benefit from his expertise. He is focused on game changers who are bringing generative change to people and systems — and showing others a better way in the process.

David walks alongside his clients as they deepen their capabilities instead of standing in front telling them what they should do. He helps clients see their lives as the curriculum rather than spending precious time planning everything in advance. He brings all his wisdom and experience to be with his clients, and he is at his best when he is free to be David rather than limited to a single role. So much more is possible that way... 

He only works with a few clients each year on projects that spark innovation and contribute to a more humane and sustainable future. This enables him to devote more time to writing, eldering, and developing the deeper practices we need to move through this threshold point in history.

David Drake
David Drake

What I care most about these days

  • Liberating people's innate human capacity to learn and grow from the outdated structures and forms in which it is currently trapped
  • Using The Five Maturities to support the evolution of coaching and inform new practices beyond coaching to meet the urgent needs we face
  • Deepening our capacity to connect with our collective grief and increase our sense of belonging so we can imagine and lead a new future

A current project

Getting more value from coaching and communication

I am the Learning & Development Advisor for Ovida, an AI-informed platform designed to accelerate the development of mature and masterful coaches, leaders, and others. He has worked closely with them to integrate key elements of his work in their design to enhance the outcomes for participants.

He advises clients on how to gain the highest value from the feedback generated in Ovida using his work in Integrative Development and the Narrative 720° process. 

David Drake

Are you looking for:

  • A thinking partner and advisor for an initiative where you work?
  • An expert for your applied research or development project?
  • A designer, presenter or facilitator for an innovative initiative or event?

Reach out using the form if you want to get more value from your investments in coaching and development.

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